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Attention Restaurant Owners

Are you a new restaurant? Are you a restaurateur that has identified a weak link in your financial statement? If you are looking for someway to help boost your sagging wine sales or start a new wine program, then you have come to the right place. We have developed an on-line wine training course that will educate your managers, servers and bartenders and give them the confidence to Grow Your Wine Sales. .

Here at Grown Your Wine Sales your staff will learn the importance of each element of the wine “Experience”. Staff members will gain knowledge and confidence to redefine their level of wine service and promote the sale of wines. Let’s face it, you spend a great deal of money trying to get customers in thru your doors. You need to maximize the sales opportunities for each customer to help build the check averages and increase your profitability.

Our mission is simple. To help you and your staff increase your sales and become more profitable. It's that easy and .....It's FREE!


Super Tuscan Wines- Are they Super?

No wine conversation is complete without a short discussion on super wines from Tuscany. Still a media darling, these wines gained their importance in the early 70’s and continue to gain a strong fan base even today.

Super Tuscan Wines and their roots are much older than most people know. Right after World War II, a young Horsebreeder named Incisa della Rocchetta moved from his home in Rome to a country estate in San Guido, in Bolgheri. He had developed a good friendship with the Rothschild Family of Bordeaux fame. He had also developed a taste for French wines and loved the French way of life..
>Rocchetta wanted to see if he could produce French style wine from his vineyards. He brought some Cabernet Sauvignon seedlings from Gironde and planted them in his vineyards. It took many years for the vines to develop fruit worthy of production. In the 60’s he was persuaded to start another vineyard with the help of his nephew Piero Antinori and a French Enologist named Emile Paynaud. Things started to blossom quickly after that. The first vintage 1968, produced around just 3,000 bottles. His wine was named Sassicaia. Winemaker Giacomo Tachis perfected his winemaking and aging skills and the wine really gained much press by the early 70’s.

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